Spoiled And Zigo “More and More” CYA Remix

Delving into the darker side of progressive, CYA turn in a remix of the highest quality. Through their rendition of Spoiled and Zigo “More and More”, they coerce fans to dive into their world and catch a glimpse of the wonder that defines their sound. Clued-up clubbers take note; this is the stuff you won’t be able to get enough of.

Already massive support from Armin Van Buuren.

Track List:

Spoiled & Zigo – More & More (CYA Remix) – OUT NOW

Spoiled & Zigo – More & More (Tom Staar Remix)  – OUT NOW!

Spoiled & Zigo – More & More (Felon Remix) – Coming soon

Spoiled & Zigo – More & More (BORDERLESS Remix) – Coming soon

Spoiled & Zigo – More & More (Chris Schweizer Remix) – Coming soon